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Christians With An Edge

Everyone welcomed here...

Christian Edge
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This community is designed as a forum to discuss Christianity. The maintainer is a old school punk who has been through the ringer with all kinds of churches and is looking to find others who love Jesus, but can do without all the garbage that goes along with an organized church, and would like to find places where everyone is accepted for who and what there are, and where they are at that given time in their lives. EVERYONE is welcome here. Topics will be wide and varied. There are some rules.

1. No attacks personal or otherwise. This will get you banned.

2. Show respect. Not showing respect for a difference of opinion will get you banned. It is okay not to agree here.

3. Be good to one another. This is a Christ centered discussion group. I'm not asking everyone to put on the saint act, just remember that we don't want to hurt anyone.

Have fun with it. Invite your other friends to join in on the fun, in this non-judgemental setting.